3D Modeling

3d modeling3d modeling
3-D Perspectives are used for Commercial, Industrial, Community, Church, or Multi-Purpose Design-Build projects and Site Selection and Engineering.
Three Dimensional Sketch-Up Image of Architectural Details illustrate the client’s vision for a project.

Accu-Steel is one of the area leaders in 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our design team utilizes the most advanced modeling software to bring your building project to life. We use Revit on all of our large Design-Build projects to depict various design options, material combinations, landscaping ideas, lighting, color schemes, and a range of architectural features and accents. One of our key strengths is the ability to clearly communicate to our clients through our virtual work environment.

Our 3D modeling abilities are more than just a design tool, they allow all members of the project team to quickly and seamlessly share information, ensuring that everyone is up to speed and on the same page. By having a single source to store virtually all pertinent information about a building project, we are able to coordinate plans, quickly apply changes, and accurately depict the final product before construction begins. Three dimensional modeling is instrumental in tackling our industrial contracting projects and their associated complex engineering applications (such as roof elevation, utilities implementation, or factory work-flow). Modeling allows commercial or church organizations the opportunity to maximize space and versatility when designing multi-purpose or family life centers.

We believe the more a client is involved in the decision making process and the more information they have at their disposal the easier it is for us to deliver exactly what they are looking for. 3D modeling facilitates decision making for clients because they can easily visualize the outcome of different design options. It is one thing for us to tell you what your completed project will look like, and it is an entirely different thing for us to actually show you what your completed project will look like.

The Results
  • Higher Client Satisfaction
  • Faster Project Delivery
  • Effective Coordination
  • Quickly Evaluate Changes
  • Virtually Eliminate Oversights