Design Build Construction in Raleigh, North Carolina serving the Southeast

From Concept to Completion…

Accu-Steel can facilitate all phases of your project from the initial idea to a successful completion. Our team makes the design decisions based on the parameters set by the client, not the other way around. As the team finalizes decisions, not a moment is wasted as we simultaneously release subcontractor packages and begin site work. Under this delivery system, our team works together to eliminate time loss and expense, shortening the schedule and minimizing owner risk. By consolidating the design and construction services we are able to provide our clients with a single source of accountability. In many cases the Design –Build method is the simplest and most economical form of project delivery. The Design-Build method also allows for generating unique structures across commercial, industrial, community, and religious sectors including metal buildings, industrial warehouses/factories, churches, multi-purpose buildings, pool houses, storage facilities, retail shopping centers, and much more. Some Benefits include:

Singular Responsibility
  • Our Turn-Key delivery method guarantees client satisfaction.
  • Allows the owner to manage & reduce risk.
  • Owner is not required to arbitrate contracts or resolve budgeting / scheduling conflicts.
  • Since we are fully responsible for any defects or non-performance, we are highly motivated to get it done right.
  • Every phase of your project will reflect the same level of quality.
Early Identification of cost
  • Allows us to guarantee project costs early on.
  • Virtually eliminate change orders.
  • Accurately conceptualize project at early stages.
Time Savings
  • Design & Construction can be overlapped.
  • Materials & Long lead time can be procured early.
  • Single source of Contact
  • No hunting down architect in one town and a Builder in another.
  • You are always just one call away from your entire project.