Site Selection and Engineering Throughout North Carolina & the Southeast

Site SelectionSite Selection
Whether you desire a commercial, industrial, church, community, or multi-purpose building, we help you select a suitable site and perform all site engineering required to ensure your building rests on a strong foundation.

You know you want to build, but you’re not sure where…

The location where you choose to build is potentially the single biggest factor in determining the overall success or failure of your development project. When selecting a site there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

Location Specific Factors
  • Traffic Flow
  • Zoning Restrictions
  • Travel / Distribution Costs
  • Tax Implications
  • Market Analysis
Site Specific Factors
  • Property Size/ Buildable Acreage
  • Site / Soil Conditions
  • Land Development Costs
  • Environmental Restrictions
    • Nitrogen, Waste Water Runoff, Tree protection

Once a region has been identified in the site selection process, the challenge remains to locate the optimal site. To determine the best fit for our clients, Accu-Steel’s team will thoroughly study each potential site, examining its incentives, geographic location, environmental aspects, proximity to infrastructure and more. We manage the integration of operational objectives into every aspect of our clients’ real estate development, adding value and allowing clients to focus on their individual goals. Determining feasibility, establishing criteria and pre-planning a project are consulting services which can be organized to meet your exact needs. Site selection services assure that every component of a project’s foundation is sound and will ultimately generate the most cost-effective and highest quality result.

Selecting the right location for your next building project (design-build edifice, multipurpose building, church, commercial shopping center, industrial plant, family life center, etc) can be a challenge in and of itself. Taking the time to carefully evaluate the options is demanding on resources, but it is an investment that will pay dividends. The key to success is knowing your options and analyzing them according to your specific needs, we are here to help. The Accu-Steel team has had years of experience in helping our clients find the right home.