Tenant Upfit and Retrofit

Tenant UpfitTenant UpfitTenant UpfitTenant UpfitTenant UpfitTenant Upfit
Retro-fitting the interior hallways of Fletcher Academy Achievement School created an inspiring workplace for young students with natural light-perfect for their bright futures where the sky is the limit! Raleigh, NC. Wake County.
b. Hall and doorway upfit at the Coptic Church near Chapel Hill, NC in Chatham County. Lofty ceilings and attention to trim and floor detail created a spacious and warm corridor for church members and guests.
c. Retrofit of structural support beams that shared the church architectural design of the original edifice enabled a seamless blending of old and new resulting in a dynamic multipurpose sanctuary at Abiding Presence Church. Fuquay-Varina, NC. Wake County.
d. Upfit of interior passage way with unique architectural elements created a partially open concept and visually pleasing transition from one room to the next in the multipurpose and family life center.
e. The overhead design elements draw admirable attention and pull people from one space smoothly into the next in this design-build church building.
f. The barrel-vaulted roof is a specific interior upfit element that incorporates traditional Christian Egyptian church architecture for the client’s custom-made design-build construction.

Whether you are looking to revitalize an existing space or change the use all together, Accu-Steel is your partner in growth. Over the years, we’ve learned valuable lessons and identified successful practices along the way. We draw on this experience and enhance our technologies and techniques, so that we can deliver the best in the industry from a project conception to completion. The renovation process can be a delicate one, and we will work with you all the way to ensure the success of your project.

Retrofitting a space is all about understanding and evaluating your options. At Accu-Steel, we work with you to understand your goals for a space and then get to work helping you get the most out of it. Our engineers are well versed in altering and expanding structures they can determine what is feasible from a structural standpoint as well as allowable according to the governing building codes. We will break down all the options in terms of price, time line, and logistics allowing you to make a prudent decision on what makes the most sense. We are well suited to work within industrial, commercial or retail, church/religious, multi-purpose, or family life center contexts.

Some of the more common types of projects we have completed include:
  • Adding interior office space
  • Raising an existing roof height
  • Adding a second floor to a pre-engineered building
  • Making accommodations for new equipment installations
  • Mezzanine levels
  • Adding / Deleting Partition Walls
  • Converting between Industrial / Retail / Commercial

When it comes to commercial remodeling you need a company with the experience of Accu-Steel.